Pranarom Diffusion Meditation Essential Oil Bio 30ml


Pranarom Diffusion Meditation Essential Oil Bio 30ml


Pranarom Diffusion Meditation Essential Oil Bio 30ml

The encounter between the spiritual bitterness of tuberose and the freshness of citrus, elevated by spicy and mysterious notes. Let yourself be seduced by the intensity of the scents of Nardo and Incense, venerated since ancient times. Deep fragrance that invites you to meditation, personal growth and open-mindedness in search of balance.

• Use only cold-running diffusers.
• Deposit between 3 and 5 drops for a room between 9 and 15 m² (See how to use the diffuser used)


100% organic essential oils * ?: Sweet Orange, Lime, Patchouli, Bergamot, Frankincense, Ceylon Cinnamon, Himalayan Nard. * Ingredient from Organic Agriculture (Control Certisys BE-BIO-01) – BIO = Product certified according to the ECOGARANTIE® requirements (Control Certisys)


Place the diffuser away from any heat source and out of the reach of children in a well-ventilated room. – Arrange the diffuser in such a way as to avoid direct contact with the face or eyes – Do not spread in the room of children under 2 years old – Diffuse in the absence of sensitive people (pregnant women, babies and people with asthma or those who have suffered convulsions) or sensitive animals.


BIO (Eco)