Pranarom Essential Oil Strength and Vitality BIO (ECO) 30 ML


Pranarom Essential Oil Strength and Vitality BIO (ECO) 30 ML

Pino y Ravintsara – Frescor tonificante y estimulante

Una sinergia revitalizante y tónica mezclada con notas afrutadas y aéreas.

Toda la energía fortalecedora del Pino, del Ravintsara y de la Menta concentrada en una composición olfativa dinamizadora y estimulante. Esta sinergia concentra todas las propiedades de los aceites esenciales para encontrar vitalidad y tonicidad en caso de cansancia pasajero o periódo díficil en invierno.


Pranarom Essential Oil Strength and Vitality

Pine and Ravintsara – Invigorating and stimulating freshness A revitalizing and tonic synergy mixed with fruity and airy notes. All the strengthening energy of Pine, Ravintsara and Mint concentrated in a dynamic and stimulating olfactory composition. This synergy concentrates all the properties of essential oils to find vitality and tone in case of temporary fatigue or difficult period in winter.


 Use only cold-running diffusers. • Deposit between 3 and 5 drops for a room between 9 and 15 m² (See how to use the diffuser used)


100% organic essential oils * ?: Maritime Pine, Eucalyptus, Menthol Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Sweet Orange, Ravintsara, Mandravasarotra. * Ingredient from Organic Agriculture (Control Certisys BE-BIO-01) – BIO = Product certified according to the ECOGARANTIE® requirements (Control Certisys)


Place the diffuser away from any heat source and out of the reach of children in a well-ventilated room. – Arrange the diffuser in such a way as to avoid direct contact with the face or eyes – Do not spread in the room of children under 2 years old – Diffuse in the absence of sensitive people (pregnant women, babies and people with asthma or those who have suffered convulsions) or sensitive animals.


BIO (Eco)