Pranarom Diffuser Doudou


Pranarom Diffuser Doudou for Babies

The Pilau Essential Oil Diffuser Pranarom is a diffuser of essential oils of high technological quality, specifically designed for the nursery or children’s room. Under the effect of ultrasonic vibrations, the essential oils adapted for pediatric use, suspended in water are dispersed in millions of micro-particles in the form of aromatic fog. It is used in your living spaces for:

  • Purify and aromatize the air you breathe.
  • Create a subtle olfactory atmosphere.
  • Moisten and ionize the air to improve the quality.


Directions for use of the ultrasonic diffuser of Doudou Essential Oils

Pour between 3 and 20 drops of essential oils into the water tank of Pranarom Doudou Essential Oils Diffuser for a diffusion session of 15 minutes to 4 hours.

Characteristic of the Doudou Pranarom Essential Oils Diffuser

To make the most of Doudou, the special baby diffuser, Pranarôm advises to use it 30 minutes before bedtime for babies from 3 months . It is completely silent and has a manual or automatic shutdown mode.

Use to help your baby sleep and help him fall asleep calmly, to clean the air he breathes or to keep mosquitoes away and protect him …

Ultrasonic diffusion
Wood: noble material and plastic: for safety
2 functions: continuous 30 minutes and alternating: 20 seconds broadcast cycle – 40 seconds break for 1h30
LED light 3 colors to choose: blue-pink-white
Nightlight: independent control of diffusion

Doudou is a diffuser of essential oils specially designed for baby’s living spaces.
Safe and easy to use, this ultrasonic diffuser makes it possible to safely diffuse some essential oils (HECT) of the highest quality to take care of the little ones.

Precautions for use

Read the instructions carefully before use.

Clean your diffuser once a month according to the method recommended in the instructions.

Pranarôm put the safety of the baby and children in the foreground. The harmonious design offers great stability and the materials are very resistant. Doudou operates on mains and is very easy to use, in addition to being easy to maintain. A safe choice.

The benefits of Ultrasonic diffuser of Doudou Essential Oils

A healthier air for children and babies: under the effect of imperceptible vibrations, the essential oils poured into the water are dispersed in a beneficial aromatic mist. The air is both humidified and sanitized. Cold diffusion, safe and effective.
Easy use and easy maintenance.
The device is illuminated by a very soft LED light, LED light 3 colors to choose: blue-pink-white.
A friendly friend: the “night light” function and Doudou’s friendly design make it a very useful everyday object.

Doudou, the Pranarôm special baby diffuser, easily finds its place in any interior thanks to its elegant design and its firefly shape. Designed in unbreakable wood and plastic, it diffuses a light mist of essential oils by means of a system of imperceptible vibrations to sanitize or humidify a room.