The Natayá Bible of Bronze: How to get a healthy, beautiful & long-lasting sun tan.

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If you don’t live in a hot country or you don’t have the luxury to have the free-time to lay out in the sun for hours on end; getting a golden, sun kissed tan during a couple of weeks holiday can be hard. This is where Natayá and our Bible of Bronze come in.

In this article you will discover the strategies and essential products you need to treat yourself and your skin to the tan you both deserve!

WELEDA Exfoliante Corporal – Gommage Doccia

The first phase of the Natayá Bible of Bronze is preparation. If you want that fantastic tan, don’t cheat. No sunbeds. No fake tan. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body so treat like you want to be treated, be patient and care for it. This begins with a good base tanning regime 6 weeks in advance of your holiday with initial 10 to 20 minutes of sun exposure. Remember, this is base tanning, like a painting, a beautiful deep tan has to be built up over layers and while base tanning use a high quality, high SPF sunblock such as:

Exfoliate gently at least twice a week to remove dull or dead skin cells and unblock pores meaning no outbreaks of pimples during holiday time. An excellent and accessible exfoliator is available from Weleda

Use a skin moisturiser daily, hydrated skin is healthy skin and healthy skin is what you want, for skin types 1 to 3 we recommend Eucerin Aqua Gel

Eucerin Sun Gel-Crema Allergy Protect FPS 50
Bioderma Atoderm Crema Hidratante

For skin types 4 and 5 we recommend Bioderma Atoderm.

Bioderma Atoderm Crema Hidratante
Bioderma Atoderm Crema Hidratante

The next part of the Bible of Bronze is ensuring you have the right nutrients and vitamins in your skin. These can be found in some of our favourite products such as Goah Clinic Sol, Vitae’s Oliovita Sun and Cantabria’s Heliocare 360.

The capsules are undoubtedly what your missing from your tanning regime right now. They are individually formulated to ensure the skin receives a flow of nutrients and vitamins which potentiate the sun catching qualities of your skin.

These products are designed to compliment your base tanning all the way through to your fun in the sun and as such are formulated to build up from 6 weeks out from your holiday date.

Understand what SPF is, we know it is tempting to think that the lower the SPF the quicker your will tan, and in a way you’re not wrong if you think this, but you’re damaging your skin. SPF ratings are not as many think, the amount of time between reapplications, they are based on the diffusion rates of the sun’s radiation upon your skin. The secret to a lasting tan, is good preparation and using a high quality, high SPF sunscreen aligned with your skin type. No one wants the red lobster shoulders or peeling skin.

We recommend Bioderma/Cantabria/Eucerin (Product Names, Images & Links)

And now, your are becoming the Golden Goddess thanks to the Bible of Bronze, consider your make up as your skin tone changes, the tones of your make-up also need to adapt, if you have fair eyebrows you may need a darker shadow to define them and also with your lips, now it is more about the natural sun kissed nudes than the bright contrasting reds.

Palladio offers some exquisite shades to match and bring out that now natural tan….

Follow these steps and be sure to share your Bible of Bronze photos with us on our Instagram!