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  • 33.35
    Pranarom Diffuser Cube

    Pranarôm Cube Ultrasonic Diffuser of Essential Oils is a diffuser with transparent light effect with fashin design. It allows to create a customized aromatic atmosphere to feel well at hom thanks to its subtle diffusion of essential oils.Its simple and timeless geometric shapes adapt to refine living space.

    Pranarom Difusor Cube Azul

    Pranarom Diffuser Cube – Blue

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  • 46.95

    Pranarom Diffuser Doudou for Babies

    The Pilau Essential Oil Diffuser Pranarom is a diffuser of essential oils of high technological quality, specifically designed for the nursery or children’s room. Under the effect of ultrasonic vibrations, the essential oils adapted for pediatric use, suspended in water are dispersed in millions of micro-particles in the form of aromatic fog. It is used in your living spaces for:

    • Purify and aromatize the air you breathe.
    • Create a subtle olfactory atmosphere.
    • Moisten and ionize the air to improve the quality.
    Pranarom Difusor Doudou

    Pranarom Diffuser Doudou

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  • 42.95
    Pranarom Diffuser Soleo

    No cables – Rechargeable battery (with charger or solar cell that are integrated)

    Pranarom Difusor Soleo

    Pranarom Diffuser Soleo

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